The Well Design

  • The Well
  • The Archway of Courage
  • Understanding section of The Well
  • Recognizing section of The Well
  • Remembering section of The Well
  • Reconciling section of The Well
  • Releasing section of The Well
  • Reclaiming section of The Well
  • The Wall of Resources and Reconnecting
  • Gracie’s Corner
  • The Refuge
  • The Gateway to New Beginnings

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The Well

The Well is the central water feature within the therapeutic landscape. The water feature will be comprised of both a vessel to deposit “items” to serve two of the stations, and a waterfall rock sculpture to provide visual privacy between stations and enhance introspection. It provides several opportunities for interaction within the scope of The Well while also providing an overall peaceful environment. Water is an exceptional calming experience for the five senses and provides white noise for privacy.

The Archway of Courage

The Archway of Courage is the entrance to The Well that affirms the courage it takes to acknowledge and engage the hurts of our past and look forward to the future. The “Archway” helps describe the overall distinct area for The Well. Along with The Gateway of New Beginnings it will create landscape features that provide privacy, security, and separation from public areas.


Understanding, A Roadmap to Recovery, is a descriptive panel explaining the different types of trauma and loss and how The Well can help us navigate them. Acknowledging our own invisible wounds and understanding our reactions are not as uncommon as we think.


Recognizing (first pinwheel station) trauma and introducing the possibility of accepting it as our trauma. This station presents not only the recognition of what trauma is and its detrimental effects at large, both emotional and physical, but an opportunity to see trauma’s effects on our personal experiences and how it interferes and compromises our daily activities and aspirations. Activities include writing and learning about coping strategies like mindfulness, stress management, and meditation.


Remembering (second pinwheel station) is designed for the processing of memories of losses and trauma by witnessing our story; not just the visible journey known to many, but the invisible journey we may have hidden even from ourselves. Here the station incorporates flowing water and the opportunity to be still. Activities may include writing our stories, contemplation, mourning, grieving, or anything that helps us to safely remember and process.


Reconciling (third pinwheel station) gives us the opportunity to find harmony and balance with trauma, its personal effects, and our journey toward healing. This is recognized by many in the recovery community as an integral step to healing from trauma. One aspect of reconciliation can be forgiveness.  Forgiving those that inflicted invisible wounds on us, those wounds we have inflicted on others, and forgiving ourselves. Activities include writing with water soluble “ink” on a “rock” and placing it in the well. The “rocks” can be periodically gathered and recycled for continued use.


Releasing (forth pinwheel station) unresolved pain, failures, hurts, labels, traumas, losses, and disappointments. Activities include “rocks” as described above. Releasing also speaks to recognizing and releasing what we are not responsible for. Many trauma survivors find fault in themselves when the fault lies with a perpetrator or situation.


Reclaiming (fifth pinwheel station) ourselves, our loved ones, and our communities. Reclaiming what we lost including ourselves, our dignity, our self-esteem, our identity, etc. We can reclaim ourselves, our aspirations, our loved ones and our community. Healing requires relationship. Activities include writing down our reclamations and connections on magnetized chalk boards and adding them to a community collage.

The Wall of Resources and Reconnecting

The Wall of Resources and Reconnecting (separate feature) provides information, resources, support group information, professional help, crisis intervention, and other information to help us on our healing journey.

Gracie's Corner

Gracie’s Corner (separate feature) is a place to memorialize those we have loved and that are no longer with us. Babies that have died before birth, loved ones and others who have died, missing persons, pets, and other losses. A place to be near those we have lost.

The Refuge

The Refuge (separate structure) is a quiet, sheltered place to reflect, write and meditate alone or with others. This is also a place for local community expression with local visual art and/or poetry. Size and design of the Refuge will be determined by the local environment.

The Gateway to New Beginnings

The Gateway to New Beginnings is the exit for The Well and an entrance into new beginnings. It expresses the work done at The Well and the opportunity to walk free from those heavy burdens carried for so long. Along with the Gateway of Courage these can act as lockable gates for security purposes when the site is not in use.